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Key to Happiness

The key of happiness (part II Conclusion) * Rav Dr. Michael Laitman Kabbalah explains the process to achieve happiness, in the following manner: first, we want something and we strive to obtain it. As soon as we get that longing, a feeling of pleasure, joy and delight invades us. In Kabbalistic terms, the first encounter between any desire and satisfaction is the highest point of pleasure. I.e. as soon we achieve what we want, the desire will wane. In a nutshell, now we don’t feel desire for what we have achieved, and as a result, the pleasure will be fading until disappearing completely.

For example, have you ever felt so hungry that you think you could eat a piece of steak thick and juicy, you only, without invite anyone (vegetarians can think in a huge plate of vegetables). But, what happens when you start to eat? The proven first is an ecstasy and the next is wonderful. The following is good and then, therefore, yes okay. However, then it decreases its importance, until you just saying, or one snack, am going to burst. This applies to everything, not just the food. We can spend years dreaming of a sports car.

But when at last we have it, although for a few moments or days feel an immense emotion, we discover we are going slowly enjoying it less. Until at the end, everytime we drive it, we only believe in gigantic debt which we have acquired, and the fact that it will have to pay in the next three years. The Professor of Economics, Richard Easterlin, of the University of Southern California, one of the pioneers in research on happiness, calls this phenomenon hedonistic adaptation, which means, buy a new car and I used to. I purchased a new wardrobe and I also usually. We quickly adapt to pleasure that we receive, but this may not be the end of the story.

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