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Johannes Koring

We reach over 200 knots in the nu – is the expected kick in the butt we lift off gently and elegant. We are airborne”and the view is fantastic. We fly on table mountain along the coast. Mike asks how I feel and I nod. The first G-curve! A G lateral acceleration.

The coast is vertically below my window. Me is as if I were wearing a heavy backpack. That was like so a G – for God’s sake, only 4 or 5 G may feel? Mike asks “Are you happy?” – and I depression of course say ‘Yes’, what he exploited shamelessly grinning and flies the next curve with 2 G. Again the same thing, but not worse. We fly towards the port.

Mike asks before each curve, whether I’m OK and then pulls on the control stick. After a while, he passes me the machine. Instrument, only with natural horizon, I can’t do without it, to keep the height. I’m getting ever higher. The impression is strong and I feel well. Then we fly a role around its own axis. Great, easy. Slightly lifting the nose of the Jet and pushes the joystick briefly to the page. Finish. We’re really in a formula 1 of the skies. Flaps and airbrakes, out, down to 130 knots. Everything back in and full throttle, to get a feel for the speed. All quite nice, and not so brutal, fears as I had, or hoped. Up to over 10 000 Foot and vertically down again. Madness! Then he pulls the machine on its back. We are above the sea. The aircraft above, we down. I know Cape Town under my head. Mike asks: “You don’t think, that I have the best profession in the world?”. I can only agree. With a small roll sideways, we pick ourselves up again and take it easy fly towards the airport. We classified us behind a Lear Jet to land, but at one time we shoot past him, as if it would Park. We are simply too fast. Flying low, we take over the control tower of the Cape Town airport. You know Mike here. Then we land smoothly, as if never would have been. And guess ‘, what Mike has done in the summer? The bomb Bay flew with his wife in a Buccaneer fighter-bomber in the seaside holiday it allowed finally a luggage load capacity of 3 tons! For several years, also Johannes Koring and Werner Gartner made the longing for the Cape region profession. Werner Gartner is Organizer for travel to Cape Town and South Africa has one of the most informative sites on the topic of Cape Town and South Africa created together with Johannes Koring under. Web cams, discussion forums, a photo archive, live radio stations from Cape Town, blog diaries and much, much more as well as a full, richly illustrated travel guide with lots of tips for travelers and vacationers and suggestions round off the varied. There also still some featured videos to Thundercity or classic Jet described Jet flights can be found as well as travel opportunities:. Werner Gartner, Johannes Koring and Mike Beachy Head be put together again and making plans. Three individuals among themselves. You create the opportunity, dreams come true, in one of the world’s most exciting cities: Cape Town in South Africa.

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