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Insect Repellent Natural Insect

The combination of two products of plants that humans use for our food; It turns out to be an excellent insect repellent against insects, mainly mosquitoes. These products are olive oil and vanilla. The vanilla comes from an orchid whose scientific name is: Vanilla planifolia and olive oil that comes from the fruit of a tree’s scientific name: Olea europaea. This repellent is so effective that it can save lives. The preparation of this natural repellent is simply mixed in equal proportions each of these two botanical products. Before applying to the skin the mixture; must shake very well a way to obtain, a compound of beige. It is very important to shake because the oil stays at the top when this at rest; Since the oil is less dense than the vanilla, both elements are not easily combined. This natural repellent currently has great importance for preventing diseases transmitted by stilt-walkers such as the classic dengue fever and the hemorrhagic fever.

The latter can even cause death. Another deadly and most common disease transmitted by mosquitoes is malaria. This disease also known as malaria kills about two million people, every year in the world. This is according to data from the World Health Organization. In addition, it is very important to remember the common saying of the good doctors; When express that one pill of prevention is preferable to a ton of healing. The elaboration of this natural repellent is relatively inexpensive and does not present risks of poisoning or other adverse effects of commercial repellents. Finally the author of this short article very cordially invites readers share this information with others. This considering that it may imply the fact of saving lives and that the above mentioned diseases continue transmitting. Original author and source of the article.

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