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If Sweaters Rubbed Elbows

First, the disposal of the sleeve seam and pulling the thread over the damaged site, you can re-connect the bottom of the sleeves, adding yarn. If the yarn of different color, in the form of strips or one large, or contact the new extended cuffs. Secondly, try decorative patches, they look like a well thought-out finishing hosiery and can be made of soft leather (eg, gloves), or of cloth drape. In these cases, the patch is better to sew thick beautiful cotton or silk thread obmetochnym seam. Funny looking patches of calico or variegated satin round, oval, triangular, heart-shaped, apple, pear. Sew them better on a machine stitch 'zigzag', placing on the reverse of soft tissue. In the interest of songs you can put decorative patches and healthy place.

Third, the patch can be seamlessly engage the spokes, if there is such a yarn. To pretend that this is not a patch, but just a decorative element, is placed 3.2 of colored squares or rectangles on the bodice. Sharp scissors cut out the worn-out place to get a square or rectangle. Pull the thread ends trimmed from the top and the lower part until it will seem even rows of open loops above and below. The tip of the needle being divided into 3 loops on each side of both the upper and lower part of the section. The upper loop with an additional 6 loops assemble a large safety pin, and the lower – on needle. On each side of the cut formed in the free edge, which must bend to wrong side and quietly will attach there. Now connect the thread and start to knit a patch. Do it is desirable to the same pattern. When the length Sewn piece reaches the top loops, tear off the thread, leaving 25-30 cm, Pass it to the needle and connect the loop patches and the upper edge of the horizontal incision knit stitch, and the side edges connect the invisible vertical seam. Patch-related such as yarn, almost unnoticeable.

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