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Car Hyundai i30 is the first product of the Korean company Hyundai Motor, which applies to models of class C. In spite of the fact that this segment of the market for several years now in demand as a subsidiary of Hyundai – Kia has released a car with class (Kia Ceed) even earlier, the new model Hyundai promises to be no less popular and competitive than its predecessors. For example, compared with the Kia Ceed, i30 is more stamina on the road, has a more spacious interior. Both car have such common features as excellent facilities, comfort and design. The only loss is that Hyundai launched its model with a warranty of 2 years less than the Kia – 5 years. Hyundai i30 – this is the first auto companies Hyundai Motor, which has received the designation in the form of an alphanumeric index. It is expected that soon a similar notation will be standard on all cars of this concern. The index 'i "in the model name represents the slogan Hyundai, which sounds like: Quality, Safety, Inspiration, namely, going from the first letter of the last words of the slogan.

The figure also indicates the size of the car. As a rule, the higher it is – even more impressive size of the car itself and its respectable brand. Hyundai i30 is a sports car-like family hatchback, the drafting of which was based on a model Elantra J3. I30 design was modeled in the design and technical center "Russelsheim in Germany, and his style designated as a "dynamic sculpture.

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