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Human Psychology

It’s no secret that all the pros are well aware of human psychology and typical weaknesses. And to fully utilize them in their gryanyh purposes. Non-payment of money by beating one of the basic human weakness – greed. It is not surprising that this often works, albeit not at 100% of cases. There is information from members of such “training” that they were threatened that if they leave will be debited the entire group. It works very efficiently, because it hits on several sore spots. If this does not help, then it often comes to persuasion and “the conscience” and to direct undisguised threats.

Symptom: The requirement to produce training new students. The main weapon of all scouts and leaders of network marketing. It is through such a setting, the system they have built an enviable vitality. Let someone can not survive – will leave or go mad. The system of recruitment, which has the ability to reproduce itself, this does not hurt. Feature: Focus on what to cut you off from communication training. When you communicate only in a narrow circle of people, all of your living space – soul, mind and senses will be filled with exactly what surrounds you. A deeper dive, plus the absence of external force, capable of seeing what is happening to you – this is exactly what they need. Chance rushes to jump off sharply to zero.

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