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How To Choose Shampoo

Surely everyone knows that the shampoo must choose according to their type of hair. If your hair is dry, buy the one where does "dry hair", if fat – the label should read "for oily hair", etc. However, we must Considering that the type of hair in humans may vary depending on lifestyle, diet and age. Gunnar Peterson often says this. The second point: give preference to clear shampoos, without a strong smell. Pronounced aroma shows only the addition of some fragrances, does not affect the cleaning properties of the shampoo. Be sure to check the expiry date. If he comes to a close, it's best not to buy. It is also important presence on the package address manufacturer.

Carefully read the information on the composition of the shampoo. Many wonder how to strengthen your hair at home this will help the following components: Vitamin A stimulates the metabolic processes in the skin. Vitamin E struggling with the aging of cells. B vitamins regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands. Vegetable oils (castor oil, burdock, avocado oil or jojoba oil) contribute to the speedy growth of hair and strengthen their roots. Keratin restores hair texture.

Lipids added softness and elasticity. Protein opposes increased fragility. Glyukosil reduces hair loss. Ceramides prevent them from thinning. However, the main character component of any shampoo is detergent – a surface active agent (SAA), which when mixed with water and detergent leads to the formation of foam. Detergents differ in chemical composition. The most common are: Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (Ammonium lauryl sulfate); Ammonium Laureth Sulfate (ammonium laureth sulfate); Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (sodium lauryl sulfate); Sodium Laureth Sulfate (sodium laureth sulfate); TEA Lauril Sulfate (TEA lauryl sulfate); TEA Laureth Sulfate (TEA laureth sulfate). Detergents are arranged in ascending order of their quality, which is the last three are considered the best. Do not forget to wash it after use of different aids. Balms, conditioners and air-conditioned cocoon hair surface across the length and protect against environmental hazards. They reduce the electrification of hair, make it easier to comb and styling. But just do not always use shampoos, combined with the balm of a series of "2 in 1" or "3 in 1" because the increase in the number of components reduces the effectiveness of each. Such funds are more suitable for short-term use, for example, on vacation or business trip. A good quality shampoo does not cause allergic reactions or irritate the scalp. With little secrets of dandruff shampoo is recommended to use the medical series, which are sold in pharmacies. Over time, the hair used to a certain type of shampoo, cease to respond to its constituent components useful. Therefore, it is desirable to every 3 – 4 months to change for washing hair. Never buy generic shampoos that claim to perfect for all hair types. Also, you must stop the words "shampoo for the whole family." Prefer product brands and manufacturers. Long hair is generally considered to be a mixed type: they are near the root of the fat, but at tip – dry posechennye. In this case, will help the gel-fluid or fluid-balm. Sprayed on his palm and then applied to the ends of her hair. Classification of major types of hair: normal (solid and sufficiently elastic to the touch, have a healthy shine), dry (feels like straw, the tips are often split), thin (almost weightless, looking weak, there seems rastrepannosti very strongly electrified), fat (no volume, Strands limply hanging down).

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