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Governor Jorge Sapag

In a new election year where some titles must revalidate elections to Councillors in the city of Neuquen, national legislative representatives and spare in favor of the MPN, Governor Jorge Sapag authorities just form a supporter domes Agreement agreed only between two people. A provincial party which I always jacto choose their candidates in internal elections, democratic, free and transparent, with the mystical work of partisan activism campaign has just put aside all that by a consensus between Sapag and Sobisch. A provincial match in which their leaders trumpeted in his speeches, by the need for a spare dirigenciales, oxygenation and the health of the party, just leave once again side to generations younger for access to the partisan charges most relevant party, by two leaders of history emepenista. Now well but there are more internal elections, the party closes and becomes what they say their leaders without consulting the databases does not exist the opportunity nor the possibility that anyone applying to hold partisan positions. It is clear that Jorge Sapag with this agreement just save the internal party without exposing him to wear that could be fatal for the generals, given the potential fracture, resentment and grudges, that leave more than one militant wounded pride. The last election demonstrated that it is very difficult to attach and align the troops, especially in some municipalities, but how is the image of the current Governor with this agreement before the society in general. A people who vote just a difference to not return to the arrogance, arrogance and intolerance which had accustomed Jorge Sobisch. How separates Sapag of the heavy legacy of Fuentealba, of the profound crisis in the health system, of the constant conflicts with teachers and the education crisis prevailing in the province, how separated from money missing in millions of pesos which warned just began to walk his Government.

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