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Last week the world was paralysed watching the rescue of the 33 miners trapped for 69 days at 700 meters in a Chile mine. That night, several not slept on television viewing images of the Phoenix 2 capsule by removing the first Miner, Florencio avalos, which emerged from the center of the Earth, with their dark glasses brand Oakley. And so the scene was repeated 32 times more with the same denominator, all looked attractive special sports glasses with a subtle or that characterized them. In seconds on social networks began to ask, who did these stylized sunglasses that they did look exhausted Chilean miners as extreme athletes or movie stars?. The response was immediate was the Oakley Radar model.

A few weeks earlier, journalist Jonathan Franklin, who works for an agency of media in Santiago, he recommended the company Oakley to the health insurance company, Asociacion Chilena de Seguridad, looking glasses with UV glitter of 100 per cent and special features that protect miners a time came to the surface. You may wish to learn more. If so, Singer is the place to go. Oakley offered to donate 35 pairs of Radar with Range and Path lenses at a cost of $230 each. What never imagined is that on 13 October that small disinterested investment become the business of the year. James Jannard started his business in the garage of his house in 1975 with an investment of $300. Fond of extreme sports his first design was a handle for BMX bikes, went on to design one for motorcycles, and thus to gloves, shoulder pads, accessories and sports goggles to light both the impact. The Oakley brand was born in tribute to his dog and in a short time achieved recognition with glasses for sky, military exercises, etc. Jannard is today the second richest man in Orange County in California with more than 630 million dollars and probably thanks to the fabulous rescue your account could rise. Between 13 and 14 October during the transmission of the rescue of the 33 miners, it is calculated that the company received $ 41 million in advertising, 11.8 million in China, 6.

4 million in the United States, 900 thousand in Britain, 700 thousand in Chile. The main television channels from the world had the image of its Radar model and every 40 minutes approximately another Miner was rescued and came out wearing the Oakley product. Even days after the rescue in Hospital Copiapo miners were still using the Radar to avoid problems with your retina and surely more than one will auction them on eBay or you will continue to use them as a souvenir of his feat. This is proof that in business nothing is written, while a few were watching as lives saved, others were interested in your product to be in the light of the world. The truth is that the tragedy of the 33 miners became a gold mine for many, Oakley who will take the prize Product Placement of the Year, and a few good dollars on its balance sheet, Chile that sees as its emerging country stock is traded, and the 33 miners already raining that offers for movies, books, conferences, and no doubt for some of them to finish star of television or because not in a great businessman. Luis Eduardo Baron Autor and source of the article.

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