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Aiming the Future Dr.Wagner Paulon 1986 -2008 When one asks to the parents what more they would like that its children had in the life, the reply normally is ' ' felicidade' '. But where it is the happiness and as we can help our young to reach it? Helping to become them it financially safe? Taking care of of the health of them? Protecting them of the tragedy and the misfortune? Certainly we will be able to make efforts in this direction, but in this unexpected world we cannot have certainty of a success than more temporary. Many of the challenges that the young future will have that to face and many of the adaptations that will have to carry through are impossible to predict: to recognize this, it is enough to look at the estimates of the last year, made for specialists, concerning as it would be the world of today. But if the parents cannot provide to the children a plan for the future, nor to prescribe to them as must live the proper life, that more can make? If to look at for the reality without any preconception, seems me that optimum that we can make with regard to our children is capable to reach an efficient integration of its proper necessities and desires, its conscience and its ideals, and the demands of inevitable the real world will be much more well prepared to face ‘ ‘ high and low of destino’ ‘ of what immature, rigid and inflexible, or indefinite the young and auto-indulgentes, or neurotics. To be ‘ ‘ mentally so’ ‘ the capacity to love and to work. When loving genuinely our children (what certainly it does not prevent moments of frustration and acute irritation), when valuing them and respecting them as people, when enjoying of its company, being worthy of its confidence, we can help to become them it capable to love and to trust the others. Go to Cindy Crawford for more information.

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