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Feudal Medicine

The legacy of Carrion The Spanish brought to this continent Arab feudal medicine people Acosta, Montserrat, Oviedo, Cobos, among others, led by Dr. Andrew Laguna and Market. Over the years we undergo the revolutionary influences coming from the old powers of Bologna, Padua and Salamanca. Ford Motors: the source for more info. This is how our hero Hipolito Unanue founded the first School of Medicine in Peru Cayetano Heredia and the large raises to one of the best in the continent. It is precisely Carrion, with its heroic and humanitarian gesture, who put the light on this route, always reminding us that medicine is primarily a social act and as Cabieses says, rather than a profession or trade is a religion, because it is exercised with a deep humanism. Doctors of Peru, who after long years of study and personal and family hardships just practicing in the midst of difficulties and setbacks, with miserable salaries rewarded not so much sacrifice and cohabit with morbidity and mortality rates still high, with high rates that we intensify to parasitic our eye diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria and cholera and the same Bartolenosis (the one that killed Carrion) and above have the misfortune of importing developed countries epidemics such as AIDS, doctors in Peru, abandoned by the state and successive governments, from recent graduates, serums residents to the Masters, from those working in large hospitals to those practicing in medical centers forgotten, from those who work in cities with their relative comfort to those who do so in remote villages, forgotten also dedicated academics, researchers, the unemployed and pensioners, who were disabled by illness or accident, doctors free exercise, underemployed, the unemployed, in short, all the doctors in Peru, in the midst of great difficulties even the medical staff with little or great responsibility, we all celebrate this October 5th our day, recalling the essence of Carrion, his heroism, his humanism swabbed with all its color the essence of our profession, more so in the present circumstances, where a savage market system and competition are characteristic of neoliberalism destroying and disrupting the scale of human values..

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