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Eliminating bruises under her eyes: If the reason for the formation of dark circles – a disease of internal organs, the cure must, above all, of these ills. To diagnose the problem, not to lose time in the city clinics, standing in queues to many experts, you can pass a comprehensive examination of the body in a private laboratory. Or pass tests, and they go to a specialist. In any case to eliminate dark circles under the eyes can not use exfoliating means – they are virtually ineffective and, moreover, are not safe for the sector faces. But that really should be done to solve the problem of bruising under the eyes – is to take care of a good blood supply. To do this, try to sleep at least 8 hours a day, spend more time outdoors, or more frequently ventilate the area, increase their physical activity.

Refuse smoking and reduce the amount of alcohol consumed. It is very useful to enrich your diet foods rich in vitamin C, which strengthens blood vessel walls. These products include: citrus, raspberry, red pepper, broth hips, tomatoes. Particular attention should be paid to care for the skin around the eyes. Using makeup, remove it with a soft cosmetic milk, which does not cause irritation. Movement of a cotton swab should performed on the massage lines: on the upper eyelid – from the inner to the outer corner of the eye, the lower eyelid – from the outer corner of eye to inner.

Wash the eye area should be cool water. Daily to the skin the problem area should apply the cream, created specifically for the care of this area. Apply carefully selected tool, along with your fingertips massage lines – so you will not only mark your skin needs it substances, but also do massage. In addition, to address the problem of dark circles under the eyes it makes sense to pay attention to pharmacy drugs, which must choose a doctor – cosmetologist. Finally, the masking means. They You always help out. To hide dark circles, you can use concealer – a special agent for the eye area. Before its use on the skin around the eyes, apply a lifting cream, let it soak. Then uniformly spread the concealer, after which the area of the lower lid should be slightly powdered. Visit Noom for more clarity on the issue. Also, to hide under eye circles, you can use concealer, but it should be two shades lighter than the base for other makeup sites face – otherwise, you will only strengthen the bruises. Apply any means necessary under the eyes delicate movements, without stretching the skin, moving along the massage lines. Credit: Dr. Tobias-2011. In effectively will remove dark circles under eyes beauty salons simple procedures such as mesotherapy and lymphatic drainage. These procedures are very well combined with the special series of professional cosmetics.

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