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In Esparta, they were only the healthful people, who had conditions to fight. For even more details, read what Daryl Katz says on the issue. While the people with deficiency, had that to be eliminated, for not being perfect. She had social segregation. In the Average Age igreja' ' achava' ' that people with deficiency, did not have souls and therefore, they had that to be eliminated. Passing plus some time the church she had that a' ' aceitar' ' the people with deficiencies therefore they had soul and therefore, the people with deficiencies were segregated in churches and convents, for d and mercy, everything this to hide ' ' imperfections of the society. It imagines, a noble person to have that to coexist people with deficiency? This pure discrimination created who them was the proper society, that even in the current days, exactly to work, or to study, is seen with other eyes, of penalty.

In my point of view, as specialist in special education I write, know some people with different deficiencies and they are not if queixandoda life, depression. They are felizae. Already the said people ' ' normais' ' if they become attached very to the success, if they complain of the life and many are not happy. Of who it is the guilt, if not of the proper society?

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