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Diabetes: Again A Big Problem

Germany has a new common disorder states: diabetes type two, or even as the disease onset diabetes used to be called in the vernacular. But diabetes already take not only the elderly and the dramatic consequence of false, unhealthy, too sweet, are too fat, and especially from too much food dramatically. Most people think: “Then I stopped getting pills. What most are not but consider the long-term consequences of diabetes: increased infections, poor wound healing, kidney disease, retinal disease, heart attack, and an increased risk of stroke. What makes diabetes particularly insidious is that many of those affected to know nothing of their suffering. But from 1988 to 2001, the number of diabetic patients has almost doubled. The Diabetes Research Group at the Else-Krner-Fresenius-Zentrum in Munich, presented alarming figures. 6 million patients by 2004 the figure could rise to 300,000 patients per year to over 12 million diabetics by 2024.But even worse is the suffering that many diabetics are overcan be taken: 27,000 foot amputations, 6000, and blindness over 8000 dialysis (kidney laundry) go to the account of diabetes type two. The proportion of young people on Type two diabetes is increasing. Children eat more than ever, too fat and too much sugar and too much. It is with the children the necessary insulin still present. Only the insulin in children can not come any more to his job, because a lot there too much fat and sugar. Nearly all could be promising in sixty patients successfully treated without medication. Even experts are convinced that a combination of measured values can be a “diabetic diet” and exercise a promising way to defeat diabetes type two. This not only requires a change in the patient but also among doctors that people with diabetes need more information is needed and must be sent not just with a prescription to the pharmacy. But the health insurance companies seem to know what awaits them: an unprecedented explosion in the costsProportions. And so many health insurance companies have already launched programs to life with diabetes. But politics is also encouraged. Sports must be promoted at school and kindergarten should begin as a targeted nutrition is already the smallest in our society so that our children learn again that besides fries and Coke are also healthy food.

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