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Dealing with Cellulite

What is cellulite? Cellulite – is common for women the change of adipose tissue, which is part of the skin, which manifests the development of hummocky cover the skin. In simple terms cellulitis appears as an orange cover. Before you say, what is cellulite, you want to identify what it is not: a simple fat. You can not lose it through diet or fitness. Retention of moisture. This is only part of the problem, but it is one of the the most important aspects involved in the retention of fat. Cosmetic problem. This is a physical problem that can not be changed using standard physical exercise or diet.

The reason for the poisoning of existence as its own and loved ones. Cellulite is not only a cosmetic disadvantage. Treating cellulite requires a very thorough approach. The disease, which should be treated. Summing up, it should say that cellulite is this: The situation in which fat is trapped in the body parts like thighs, legs and hands.

Collagen tissue in these areas are of the form 'honeycomb', and do not overlap, as in other parts of the body. These fabrics look like the cells are filled with fatty deposits, filled with toxins that are pushing the skin up and out (ie stretched). This stretches the collagen and makes the fluid motion. Stretching the collagen stops circulation. Hormones that derive from body fat, cellulite can not reach – the fat cells to trigger release of stored fat. As a result, cells accumulate fat and often can not effectively remove it from the body. Thus, the toxins found in body fluids, and especially in its fat, these cellulite – fat cells are composed of relatively large amounts of toxins. Studies conducted in University of Milan in Italy showed that the toxicity and the pressure of water over the years, destroying the cells. The cell walls become thick and hard (thick), more prepyadstvuet release fat. In fact, fat and toxins closed. The fact that cellulite – it is a cosmetic defect, which must be addressed, now aware of virtually every woman. Also, stores can offer a variety of procedures, avoid the 'orange peel' and 'breeches'. But as themselves to find out exactly what kind of procedures and medications needed for you, it's hard.

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