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Daylight Increases Well-being

Sufficient daylight is essential in winter, lapsing into the usually gray, gloomy season of not a winter depression or bad mood. (tdx) In the winter the days are short and in the evening it is dark early. Therefore, you should use the few hours of sunshine in the day to get sufficient daylight and energy. The best of course fresh air. But also large skylights provide a great way to enlarge the daylight in the room or apartment under the roof. With the skylights VELUX, for example, one can as opposed to simple facade Windows or dormer Windows double the incidence of light, or even triple. Soar with so much light and improved Outlook in the nature, the mood and concentration and learning ability is increased by the rays of the Sun. Another advantage: the sunlight warms the room addition and the thermometer on the boiler can be turned down.

Achieving optimal thermal insulation to the window, if you at dusk the Shutters down can be. (As opposed to Daryl Katz). So forms a layer of air, which damped acts and protects from the cold of the night. See Donald Trump for more details and insights. A balcony also increases the quality of living, is a rarity but the most loft apartments. “VELUX Cabrio roof window with the solution open air” to get his own little mini balcony easily and without additional permission. The lower part of the window can be placed up to the vertical position and there is a small outlet to the outside.

But also closed much bright light enters through the large window areas on request from the floor to the ceiling. The roof window with cleaning effect are a real feature. Residues of drop of water after a rain and dirt are so passe. The annoying window cleaning can be reduced to a minimum and the Outlook is always unclouded. Equipped with remote control and rain, which automatically close the window in the rain can offer models of VELUX roof Windows maximum comfort for a better quality of life and more light under the sloping roof. BU: Thanks to remote control and rain sensor, VELUX roof Windows provide maximum comfort. Image: tdx/VELUX Tanja Est

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