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Generally a jacket of skin It is more expensive than a jacket of fabric, if you like this kind of clothes, takes into account that you use it much more time than the fabric, so durability is much higher. A leather jacket is always a nice gift for the bride to the groom for husband, for wife, for our children. The maintenance of the jacket is very scarce since if you spill something on top of them, you can clean it with a damp cloth, and pumpkin SOAP, if you need to make any changes in the jacket if you advise that you carry it with skin professionals, because they are what make arrangements professionally without damaging the skin jacket. Jackets at work can be used in these days in which employees are casual, like Friday, if you use it in that day don’t get something eye-catching, if not rather discreet, to not draw attention. When you use to socialize in that case can get the style that suits the occasion and with your tastes. If you already have a jacket I advise you to buy you another, because the style you have going with many occasions, most not with all.

The Cristiano Ronaldo athlete of soccer team Real Madrid, when it comes to socializing used leather jackets, because it is the type of clothing that the feels comfortable and at ease. Us in our company, we have been able to do jackets for all sorts of people one that I remember is a special jacket that made a person who weighed 200 kilos, was very difficult because the measures were 7 times extra big, in these cases it is best that the person send a jacket that uses and that fit well, mold is pulled out of this jacket and forward. another did for a woman who was very tiny and had to use the moulds of the jackets that we do for children, in the end all of this I talk so you will realize the acceptance that has this type of garment on the market, we at our company is proud to make the highest quality and avant-garde designs jackets, our jackets are made in Mexico by Mexican artisans using skins Mexicanas, do not hesitate to purchase a jacket of skin, and will be very well dressed for every occasion.

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