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Consumers Are: Amy! The Games Award

Strong media partners for Computecs games award the computer and video game industry has for years on the rise, the target groups are not only bigger, but also increasingly wide. Reason enough for Computec media, to capture the best games with an audience award. Johannes Sevket Gozalan, CEO of Computec Media AG: Computer and video games are made for the players and through them they become hits or flops. So also, the gamer must choose directly and without filter, which games are so extraordinary, impressive, or just different, that they deserve an award. \”Games have the theme of film in cultural and commercial aspects already obsolete it is time to establish a consumer Award with meaning and effect.\” The BACON! Awards are awarded in ten categories. This alone the players have a choice: vote from August 22, about the best computer and video games of the last year, and honoring the most creative developers and producers of games directly.

We have deliberately decided to have a pure audience prize\”, as Anke Moldenhauer, Director of marketing / PR at Computec media. Our readers and users make a strong group of more than four million people in the German-speaking countries alone. From 22 August, various games in ten emotional categories to vote are available for them. So hot our categories such as adrenaline, intelligence, or atmosphere. \”Only with this emotional brackets, we have the chance to unite various games genres – and cross-platform in a category and to bring the essence of the games of the masses\”, explains Moldenhauer. Computecs media partner promote the awards in advance in their own media: the Cologne EXPRESS gets all his readers see to the voting for the BACON! on. More and more people are interested in computer games and are active gamers. The more we are pleased that our readers can participate in the election and will be awarded the prize in Cologne\”, so Thomas Kemmerer, head of Department of the EXPRESS online.

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