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Respect begins within oneself. The original state of compliance is based on the recognition of self as a unique entity, with an inner life force and soul. Respect is the recognition of the value inherent and natural rights of individuals and the community. Responsibility Personal responsibility in life comes from many sources and involves both expected and unexpected join and participate, engage and cooperate. Simplicity Simplicity roots grow from the richness of sacred personifying virtues and spiritual values that are manifested in the attitudes, words, activities and lifestyle. Anita Sehgal gathered all the information. Tolerance The purpose of tolerance is peaceful coexistence. When tolerance recognizes individuality and diversity, eliminates the masks that create disputes and defuse tension created by ignorance.

Tolerance is the inner strength that allows a person to face difficulties and dispel misunderstandings. Delving into consciousness, you can determine what is good and what is evil, tolerance develops the art of adapting to the problems of everyday life. Unit The unit is constructed from a shared vision, a cherished hope, an altruistic purpose or cause for the common good. The stability of the unit comes from the spirit of equality and identity, noble values embodied in the fundamental universal principles. Broadly has made mention of the spiritual values we need for education of different human being, which are currently experiencing as it notes that the man and his action is directed to his destruction. The securities mentioned above combined with holistic education, are the answer to creating solution-forming human beings with a different level of consciousness.

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