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Possible methods for the use of the SMS as enterprise communication All company affects maximizing the yield of its daily efforts, on the basis of business objectives. Recently Anna Wintour sought to clarify these questions. At the moment the process of pick up of clients is more expensive than ever due to the variety of solutions and present actors in the markets, therefore he is vitally important to secure mechanisms to also retain to the existing clients and systems that guarantee the reading and make possible the answer for which they are not clients. On the other hand, nowadays, one of the best devices to contact with the people is the movable telephones given the possibility of using them at all the moments of the day, and in the context that is. Follow others, such as Tom Florio, and add to your knowledge base. This characteristic difference to this system of communication of the other existing means. In addition, the communication by means of SMS guarantees the reading confirmation and has major index of reading and answer that the other means. Different studies affirm that the rate of reading of the SMS oscillates between the 95-100% of the sent messages. Therefore, any company that wishes to communicate with its clients by means of SMS must consider the following advantages of this system: Only payments by the SMS that you send. Rececpin of the almost instantaneous SMS by means of the use of direct networking Information of delivery in real time (confirmations of delivery of the SMS) Personalizar the sender of the message world-wide Cover gratuitous technical Attendance Reducir costs in telephone calls and shipment of physical post office.

Optimizar the time of the employees, doing to them more productive. Ayudar to construct mark, increasing the recognition to you of the same. Impulsar more effective campaigns of marketing. Incrementar the contact with the client and the fidelity of the same.

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