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Christmas With The

“” CD release 25/12 at the Scala Cinema in Neuwied, Christmas with the ClubKids “CD release 25/12 at the Scala Cinema in Neuwied, Koblenz / Neuwieder / h of punk rock band ClubKids” lay on the 1st day of Christmas their long awaited debut EP under the Christmas tree. The release of the first CD in the Scala Cinema in Neuwied is celebrated. “” Down, 19:30 are available besides the ClubKids”also free living insanity” and aerobic “on stage. Continue music then DJ. The party is organized by “WWpBBq” as well as the children & Youth Office Neuwied.

For 2009 the three musicians have made to much. In addition to a whole series of performances in Germany is a tour in Russia and Belarus with intermediate stops in Moscow and St. Petersburg in the spring. “Location: Scala Neuwied (old cinema) Dierdorf str. 2 56564 Neuwied date: 25.12.2008 start: 19:30 admission: 5 samples of the ClubKids” under. “Photo: the club kids” Dominik Schneider, Jan Philipp Stein and Bjorn grub (f.l.t.r.)

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