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Buying Sand

Construction sand sand needed everywhere, from the childish sandbox and completed a major road construction and all real estate. High-quality sand mined in the quarries of the Moscow region and used for various types of work implies the availability of the certificate of strict compliance with gost 8736-93. At the moment I know of at least ten of such quarry, where the mined pit sand. As I know of careers that are in the east of Moscow region it has a gradation from 1 mm to 1.8 mm and a homogeneous structure (without stones), and therefore perfectly suited for such work as: masonry and plaster (you can not sow). The application range of the sand pit is wide: and children's sandbox, and backfilling of the foundation, and road construction. Alluvial sand is mined by mechanized hydra (exercises pumps water from the bottom), and by cleaning it with water from outside impurities, it becomes a high-quality material. This material is extracted from the quarry lake. Washed sand is applied: in the manufacture of concrete paving slabs, sand bags and sand is more dr.Rechnoy high because of the way of its production. This sand is mined from the bottom of the Moskva River with a floating dredge and fill "it onto barges, which were then unloaded at the ports and jetties of our capital. River sand use: cooking vintage concrete, asphalt, so he is well applicable for plastering.

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