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The Faculty of some materials return to Earth by action of nature is what is called biodegradability. The term is related to ecology, waste management, and more than anything else when speaking of plastics, since they take hundreds of years to be decomposed. In the process of biodegradability some chemicals (organic waste, paper, etc) can be used as food by microorganisms, which used them to produce energy and create other substances such as amino acids, new fabrics and new agencies. Organic material could be degraded in aerobic way, with oxygen (outdoor), or anaerobic form, without oxygen (something buried). The biodegradability of the materials depend on their physical and chemical structure some like glass can not be biodegraded.

Although it is often said that a material is not biodegradable when the time required for organisms to break down it is extremely long, or exceeds the capacity of agencies to render it, as happens with the plastic and aluminum cans. Today many things are manufactured with biodegradable agents, as it happens with detergents, but still they are plastics and various substances such as insecticides. Let’s look at some examples of how much you take to rot materials:-banana peel: 2 to 10 days – cotton handkerchiefs: 1 to 5 months – paper: 2 to 5 months – orange peel: 6 months – rope or rope: 3 to 14 months – wool socks: 1 to 5 years – packaging/cartons of milk Tetra Paks (with some plastic): 5 years – cigarette filters: 1 to 12 years – leather shoes: 25 to 40 years – nylon: 30 to 40 years – thermal insulation of polystyrene Styrofoam cups: 1 to 100 hundred years – packages of six 6-pack aluminum cans plastic rings: 450 years so next time think well before a paper is pulled to the ground, is going to take many days to rid, and the years cigarette filters. Think about the people who throws them in natural parks or beaches, there is they remain for years and years. Original author and source of the article.

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