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Back Pain and the Spine

Meanwhile, there is hardly anyone in Germany who has not once a year, or at least once in life to complain of back pain, and the thoracic spine is affected the least. The diagnosis and the search for the causes of experts is also often more problems, the number of chronic pain patients is not insignificant, and charged as a result of stoppages to the early retirement of the national economy in many ways. Lack of exercise does for the body a long-lasting unilateral static load to bear in each posture. Muscles, connective tissues and joints can recover not like that, but are under constant stress. Other muscle groups remain unchallenged and build from strength, vitality and stamina. The results are so-called imbalances, ie inequalities in the body statics and dynamics.

Some show the viewer more in the movement, some in more of the posture. Such imbalances are often build slowly over the years and remain largely unnoticed until – manifest themselves in very specific but permanent tension and stress patterns in the body. Triggering will eventually add an additional burden or it strengthened to a particular strain over a threshold. Then the dam, so far defied the forces break. For example, a bent posture served with ever-increasing kyphosis.

The head with its more than five kilograms gradually moves further forward. show the muscles of the neck and shoulders is often in first. But the muscles of the thoracic spine must increasingly tense, similar to a crane to a further inclination to hold contrary. The long cable pulls the muscles are starting more and more to pull on the lower back – often unilaterally – and can easily lead to the known and resistant back pain. Those who have been caught on a similar path to that is good for them to act preventively. There are now a variety of methods that can help support (Yoga, Tai Chi, Fedenkrais, pilates, osteopathy, Rolfing, etc.). It would be important to find a way that also makes long-term fun and sparked not only a short fire activity.

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