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Some athletes take testosterone as a stimulant in the shadow of the fair game, but is particularly high in athletes of hormone levels, because sport stimulates the production of testosterone. Right now where the Olympic Games reached its climax the male hormone is testosterone again targeted. The doping case of 22-year-old Russian power cycling sprinter Victoria bar Anova has once again highlighted how testosterone artificially boosts an athlete’s performance to the detriment of competitors, who play fair. But vice versa the body produces testosterone itself, just through sport. It relates to the hormone, for the development of the male reproductive system and generally during puberty is in charge of training the male physique. In addition, testosterone improves also sexual desire, but also the aggressiveness.

Often argued that competitive sports and sexual intercourse, especially if it’s the eve of an important competition, can not well agree; that sex just weakens the body and therefore reduces the performance of the athletes or also the other way around, reduces the desire. It is but simply myths that have been long refuted by reality. The American sports doctor of Michael J. Mathers assured anyway, Achim Achilles (pseudonym of German journalist and author Hajo Schumacher) in the running community on the Internet, that even the mental balance is crucial for an outstanding performance. Mathers said that while not essential preconditions for a peak performance at the sport, it is, it can be useful but, if necessary, even. If you so feel more comfortable by sex do the trick. In competitive sports, now also no longer so closely…

you see that “, said the doctor. Also, sport contributes to the sexual desire. Because sport is the healthiest way to stimulate the production of testosterone. There are of course also supplements, that vegetable stimulate testosterone production and have no side effects. Fixed in any case, says that 45 minutes endurance raises testosterone levels and hence the sex drive, so the libido, stimulated Professor Sommer claimed a few years ago at a Conference of the German society of Urology. But extreme endurance sports, according to Professor summer, can be just the opposite: a reduction of in testosterone levels. Strength training is an effective alternative to stimulate testosterone production in addition to endurance sports. So to promote a natural testosterone enhancement through a balanced, proportioned dose of sports. It is also interesting that a low-fat body has a higher testosterone levels. The explanation for this is that fat tissue promotes a different kind of hormone production and while female progestin. Progestin pushes the testosterone values, because it builds to the male hormone in female. So ultimately applies to men who want to have your testosterone values under control: sports but moderately and minimal fat gain.

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