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Argan Oil

When we look for a product that helped us take care of our skin, rarely think about the problems that this product has caused to the environment and in experiments and years of research in the laboratory have been conducted including experiments in animals and even people, however if this reaches worrying, we tell you that nature has created for you beauty products completely harmless to the environment. There are several options from the famous Royal Jelly, which is produced by bees to feed the larvae of bee Queen, until the aloe vera, however there is also a completely natural product that has grabbed the attention of scientists, the cosmetics industry and medicine, this product is argan oil already is that you ocupes argan hair oil, face, nails or in your diet you can get great benefits, and not only that, argan oil is a legacy of Moroccan culture, so the testing and research laboratory have been centuries of use in Moroccan traditional medicine and in its culture in general, Moroccan women have used generation after generation this oil to moisturize your skin and hair as well as protect the delicate skin of their babies weather the climate of the desert. If this don’t you think enough research, scientific modern were interested in argan oil regenerative properties that had the skin of people who used it and found that argan oil contains large amounts of essential oils rich in gamma-tocoferoles that are the most effective form of vitamin E, which regenerates tissues and returns them its elasticitythey are also the best antioxidants protecting tissues from the rays of the Sun, avoiding the age and preventing cancer, not only that, ingested low amounts of cholesterol, prevents cancer and helps control the gastritis, argan oil also contains substances, anti inflammatory, bactericides, fungicides and antiseptics, by what helps heal wounds minor, scratches, and minor burns from the Sun as well as some dermatitis. Lauren Weisberger is open to suggestions. The hair argan oil gives gloss, resistance and repairs split ends, helps to prevent hair loss and dandruff, without leaving oily hair, using it at least once a week you will keep your hair healthy and shiny. If the benefits were not enough you also commented that argan oil comes from the fruit of the argan tree which is in danger of extinction, and is crafted by artisan mode Berber women’s cooperatives, these women formerly had no way of earning a livelihood by being part of a patriarchal system hard, by consuming the oil of argan tree acquires a new value by which is protected instead of felling to give rise to crops and grazing and Berber women live better. Are you interested to know about the properties of argan hair oil and argan oil? Continue reading my articles on this wonderful gift of nature..

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