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Some examples: edges of sangas, streams, little streams, rivers, springs d? water (ox eye), topos of mounts, etc. These areas they must be preserved, not being able to be used for the farming production. The RL is an extension of the area in the country property, where the proprietor must reserve at least 20% for the natural vegetation, where the ecosystem will be protege, with the purpose to take care of at the outset socioambiental, as he guides the legislation. If you have read about Cincinnati Reds already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Soon, it is foreseen in law and it must be regitered in the Real estate record until January of the 2012, in case that contrary producer will be penalizado with fine, as Law in the 6,514 of 22 of July of 2008, article 55. Both, as much the APP how much RL, had been instituted for preservation of the environment, keeping a balance enter the action of the man (extrativista) and the nature, composed for the natural resources and finite. Still, they are applied, also, in the urban environment, but of form less branda, is what we can diagnosis.

Until some years behind, the agriculturists were taxed as ‘ ‘ viles’ ‘ of the environment, poluindo, deforesting, applying agrotxicos of indiscriminate form, however, they had evolved (in some cases), had started to deforest little, advanced technologies in the combat of plagues and less aggressive invaders e, the collect of packings of agrotxicos, exemplificando. The urban way? he is until shameful pointing, but this does not evolve in the same speed that the agricultural one. Since the primrdios of the civilization to the current days, we have the same problems, such as the garbage without correct destination and for many times without selective collection, absence of the treatment of sewer, in some cases the destination is the hdricos resources, waterproofing of the ground, causing the overflows, in end, reduces to these inconveniences. The APP is applied in such a way in the agricultural way, how much in the urban way. However, the RL has a differentiation.

We return to the beginning of the text: ‘ ‘ ownership rural’ ‘. Exculpatory in the urban localization, includente in the agricultural one. Is not strange a law to be applied only has a case and in the other not? The direction of the RL is to destine a part of the property for the preservation, but in the city also it can be implemented, bringing some benefits, therefore it will have been analyzed, in this environment if it concentrates great part of the emission of gases of the effect greenhouse (GEE), without counting previously of the cited examples. Then, following a good example of the metropolis port-alegrense, I consider to the legislative one and the ambientalistas that think and dare on the Urban Legal Reserve, where all the enterprises, private and public reserve, on average, 20% of the area constructed with the vegetation. We must socialize the man to live in the nature, carrying through the possible studies on the impacts and measures to minimize the antrfica action.

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