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Andara Narrator

But in realidadeexiste always a narratrio, whose existence is demanded by the proper narrator, since who tells makes this for somebody. The narratrio never confuses with the reader/listener. ' ' Before considering this last dimension of the narrativaproustiana instance, a more general word concerning this personage will have to be said aque calls narrtario, and whose function in the narrative seems so changeable. As onarrador, the narratrio is one of the elements of the narrative, and is placed, necessarily, in the same diegtico level; it wants to say that more is not confused, a priori, with reader (exactly virtual) of that the narrator with the author, for the menosno necessariamente' '. (GENETTE, s/d). Thus, the narratrio is hypothetical receiver of the discursonarrativo, equally imaginary entity that must be confused with oreceptor, either even so common the speech to destine it directly. ' ' Fifteen days if had passed after my adventure.

Duranteeste time is excused to say the extravagrancies to it that I made. I was every day Andara in the bus of the seven hours to see if it found my stranger; I inquired of all the passengers they knew if it and I did not get the menorinformao. It was the arms with a passion, my cousin, and with a deprimeira passion force and high-pressure, capable to make twenty miles for the moment ' '. (ALENCAR, Five Minutes, cap.II, p.5). In the case dasnarrativas epistolares, the narratrio (the addressee of the letters that the narrator writes) has an extreme function dramatical, since it is never allowed to it to answer sepstolas of the narrator; its opinions and advice only are taken aoconhecimento of the reader through the proper voice of the narrator. With effect, narratrio tivesseeste a proper voice, all the tragedy would know one another outcome. Thus, the narratrio also has the function of dinamizar, the narrative, the visa to have the capacity to speed up, or to contain the process dramticointeriorizado in the narrator.

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