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Alexander Kerzhakov

"To compare, we must know the situation with Arshavin the inside, but I can not boast. And the ratio to Andrew at Zenit, I think, a little more than me, yet he is three years longer serves as a team. This is a matter of "Zenith", with me estimates do not wish to speak. Although observers, fans can ask for an analogy. With Arshavin on this topic, I did not speak. What is the meaning advise the person who is older than you? It seems to me there is no conflict. Y player under contract with the club, all conditions are met.

Yes, the player wanted to leave, but if not sold, it means that Zenith does not come at something with buyers. I do not see a problem. Probably, now, Andrey motivation to play for "Zenit" less than me at that time because he has already achieved in Russia everything is possible. Source: English football video this season estimate, as quite normal. Dynamo is in second place, it is important to me.

I half-year rebuilt on the tactics with one striker, so Sunday was unusual to play two strikers. Alongside Genkovym we almost did not play, it was difficult to communicate. With such tactics, a lot depends on understanding, as we have it, we can say no. I did not understand much in the actions of a partner, and he probably did not understand many things in my "- quoted " Sport-Express.

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