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Alcohol And Exercise

As and whatever can affect the alcohol when beams exercise and you try to lower of weight. Friday in the evening after leaving the work, probably you think about leaving to have drinks with friendly for relajarte and to rest. You can only think that you deserve to leave and to enjoy glasses, that, are some things that you would have to know. If you have decided to make exercise regulate, a few alcohol drinks really cannot hacerte nothing, truth? Before decidirte to leave to the local bar, there are some things that next you would have to think before making your election about leaving to drink a little alcohol. The investigation has demonstrated that small amounts of alcohol even bring about muscular hardening and loss of force. After 20 minutes more or less, the problems begin to experience themselves. All the associated secondary negative effects with the alcohol surpass the possible advantages that can have " to remove to the alcohol sudando".

It does not matter you see how it, the alcohol is a poison that really can damage your body if you do not have well-taken care of. The negative side of alcohol: It can reduce the force, the resistance, the aerobic capacity, the cardiac recovery, the capacity to even metabolizar the fat and the muscular growth. The alcohol also has a negative effect on the nervous system and the brain. Its long term consumption, can cause serious deterioration of the central nervous system. Actress often addresses the matter in his writings. Even in the short term, the interaction nerve muscle can be reduced, which will be in a loss of force continua.OBTEN FUERZAEl regular alcohol consumption brings about the inflammation of the muscular cells. With time, some of these cells that have been damaged can die, which will be in the deficit of the muscular contractions, important to maintain muscles healthy. To drink alcohol also will bring about more pain in muscles after making exercise, which means that it will take to time recuperarte much more to you. The alcohol also has many different effects in your heart, as well as in the circulatory system.

When any type is taken from alcohol, one begins reduction in the cardiac endurance. On the other hand, it brings about digestive problems, as well as problems of nutrition. The alcohol causes an insulin liberation that will increase the glycogen metabolism, which causes that the fat becomes harder. Due to the interference of the alcohol with the absorption of several essential nutrients, it can cause anemia and a deficiency in vitamins B. type Because the liver is the organ that decontaminates to you of the alcohol, enters more drinks, more difficult will be for the liver to remove toxins. This double effort of the liver can cause serious damages and to even destroy some of its cells. Since the alcohol is diurtico, to drink great amounts can duplicate the work of the kidneys. During the diurtica action, hormones are secretadas and this can lead to a greater water retention and for that exercises it will not want that this happens. If you wish to drink alcohol, hazlo with moderation and never you drink before making exercise, since this affects your balance, coordination and also judgment. It thinks about your health and the form to make exercise – and you will be able to begin to see the things from a new perspective. It knows Here but in my Page. Original author and source of the article

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