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About 6,500 participating hotels in Europe online travel portal advanced its hotel portfolio focuses on Great Britain, Russia, France Munich, Germany, November 18, 2009: since Expedia easy manage the launch of the new hotel partner programme in May 2009 more 6,500 hotels in Europe have chosen today for a partnership with Expedia. The online travel portal thus expanding its portfolio at world’s 110,000 hotels, of which 48,000 hotels have a direct contract with Expedia. The increase in new hotel partner in Russia is strongest. The online travel portal here has improved its offer by 80 percent compared to 2008. The hoteliers also show great interest in the UK with 48 percent more hotel partnerships. In Germany and France, the increase is 30 percent each in Italy, and 20 per cent. A total of 12,000 German hotels on the pages of Expedia and are available. 3,000 have a direct contract, which means they are not linked to reservation systems.

Arne Erichsen, Director market management Germany, estimates that 40 percent of German Hotels at Expedia have a partnership agreement by the end of the year. With the affiliate program, we offer an attractive and easy way to reach travelers worldwide hotels. This market potential meets the interest of more and more hoteliers who decide to cooperate with Expedia”forward Matthew Crummack, Senior Vice President of global lodging, Expedia partner services group. The hotels benefit from our local knowledge of the market and our many years of experience in the online travel market.” Hotels support increase of hotel nights at Expedia strong partnerships, to achieve their sales and marketing goals even in economically difficult times. So hotels on Expedia and sites recorded in the last twelve months increased bed numbers: UK is 36 percent more hotel stays, Germany 28 percent and Spain 26 percent. In Russia the growth is 24 percent while Norway his overnight stays even at almost 46 Increased percent and Turkey by about a third.

The hotel partner programs from Expedia easy manage the new hotel affiliate program (EEM) is tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized hotels. Based on a Commission model, it allows hotels to position itself without any financial risk in the global online travel market. Without registration fees and fixed-cost hotel offers can be presented in a few steps in 33 languages and more than 70 Web pages of, Expedia and and thousands of partner Web sites with more than 80 million customers a month. The Expedia easy manage program complements the existing affiliate of Expedia special rate (ESR), which focuses on the needs of large hotels and hotel chains. About Expedia, Inc. Expedia, Inc. is the world’s leading online travel company. With its tourism brand offers a complete and attractive product range around the theme of travel Expedia, Inc. group. The company is represented in more than 40 countries and unites under one roof first-class travel services and trusted brands such as Expedia, Hotwire, EgenicTM, TripAdvisor, venere.comTM, Expedia local ExpertTM, Classic Vacations and eLongTM. With his partner and affiliate is Expedia, Inc. interface between travellers and professional providers of travel services.


Ricardo if comes across with a new reality, where was? How it would have fond? quele place? It was everything so confused in its head When it was the point to faint itself again for asphalt, sighted a girl? pretty girl? she obtained to think before lying down to the soil pressured for the physical and emotional exhaustion that felt in that hour, still without knowing why! Vanessa, witnessing its destruction as if never had nothing to make, clamou for aid its friends, for whom if it would become plus a friend. Nights had fallen and mornings floriram, until it retook its wakening natural. The first fidgets that came to fill its conscience were the same ones of the beginning, before exactly to fall for land. Whenever Ford Motors listens, a sympathetic response will follow. It seemed that it only blinks and continued if to question Advantage then of the energy was overcome soon that recovers and passed its internal torments for the pretty girl. What he was not waited it is that none of the souls would know to calm this storm, this storm that pairava on the idea of all.

Vanessa comforted Ricardo, brightening up a little its conflicts together they had almost died I had much fear, not same wise person what it was happening. The only thing of that I remember, was this tenuous moment where I sighted the Vanessa for the first time and soon I set to asphalt. I passed one month almost pra to discover everything happened that me, now when remembering everything would like not to have lived pra this! Vinicius tava knows there in a way that had seen never it. to think and to remember that it was with it that I liveed as much time and to think that I was left by it in the worse way and to think that Vanessa almost was with me when it reappeared! The way to discover everything happened that me was the beginning of my end. Perhaps it appeared pra me in a calm night, the night where I was more tranquilo since that he had waked up again. He was everything very fast, another time I am without image or memory some of as he happened and worse without knowing the reason. It said simply me that he was knowing of my return the life and that had come to search pra me and pra to finish what did not obtain in the first night to kill me! He was as soon as I died, without the o certain to know of any thing or reason for which me it happened

European Agency

The comfort and the search for better quality of life in the wild fazemconsumidores. This consumption in turn, in them becomes producers deenormes volumes of garbage that in the times gifts, if present as intriguing dasmais threats to our existence in the face of the planet. Senator From Kentucky describes an additional similar source. Essasituao is determining a world-wide trend in search to find formasque minimizes the garbage generation, either by means of the production/sales of produtosdos which remains the possible minimum of residues, either for the reduction, reuses e/oureciclagem of the used materials to pack the industrialized products. The conceptual reprogramming of products and in special of suasembalagens, must be white of the concern of the business leaders, assimcomo the stimulaton its reduction, reutilizao and separation for recycling. The support and the collection of public politics that contemplate oestmulo and the awareness of the population, the development of programs decoleta selective, for the governmental bodies but to exactly time the aosocialmente responsible of the companies, keeping its proper nuclei of triagemde you recycle in such a way to contribute for reduction of the volume and the cost dagesto of urban residues.

All these initiatives are essential, in case that contrary, as it foresees the Agency European of the Environment: ' ' & the volume of production of the urban residues to deveraumentar in 25% up to 2005. Still according to same Agency, the increase darecuperao of residues and the shunting line of the aterros play a role essencialpara to make face to the ambient impact of produced deresduos a permanent addition of the volume. Having in account an increased use of the recycling and daincinerao with recovery of the energy, diminuamconsideravelmente one diminuamconsideravelmente expects that the liquid emissions degases with resultant effect greenhouse of the management of urban residues up to 2020. The limitation of the volume of residues will also produce outrosbenefcios, such as the reduction of the costs of the management of residues, diminuioda atmospheric pollution (with particles and oxides nitrogen) and the reduction sonorous dapoluio related with the collect and transport of residues.