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Diet And Eye Problems

Eating a diet low in saturated fats but rich in Omega 3, can also prevent and slow the progression of eye problems. Minerals and nutrients are also essential in neutralizing the effects of harmful free radicals that reduce the risk of age-related problems. There is a relationship between obesity and poor eyesight, so it is essential to lose weight if has become a problem in your life. Obesity not only increases the chances of diabetes, and so the problems associated with diabetes and eyes, has also been implicated in an increased risk of cataracts, glaucoma, and molecular degeneration. Protect yourself against the dangers of sunlight The eyes are particularly vulnerable to continued exposure to intense sunlight. Studies have shown that UVA and UVB rays contained in sunlight may be a contributing factor in a number of eye disorders, particularly in the development of cataracts. Sunglasses and UV filters are the best way to protect your eyes from damage caused by these rays of the sun.

UV filters are often available on prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses, so be sure to check with your optometrist that your prescription includes UV filters. Sunglasses that block the sun exposure from all angles are also important, so make sure you use a good brand adhere to quality standards UV protection. Stop smoking now know that smoking damages the delicate tissues of the eyes. The investigation has revealed a negative relationship between smoking and eye disease and has shown that smokers are significantly more likely to develop cataracts and molecular degeneration age-related. .


When if it deals with this type of exercise for the adolescent the subject requires some cares of security, therefore its locomotive system is not still mature for great efforts, must be taken the precaution not to interrupt the process of growth of this small practitioner because of the physical activity to be practised and to analyze the benefits of the training of force for the band this etria. In all physical exercise for adolescents, the prudence to prevent great consumings provoked for training excess is very important for the growth and healthful development of this organism. Another important fact is that the adolescent practitioners of this modality must be guided not to compete, with the conscience of to practise the musculao only for leisure. The risks of the training for children and adolescents must very be well clarified and are well lesser who in many considered activities ‘ ‘ seguras’ ‘. The damage in relation to the development of the stature is presented as a risk of the musculao excess, and in the truth any practised physical activity exageradamente can diminish the hormone production and intervene with the growth of the adolescent. In relation to ‘ ‘ great esforos’ ‘ provoked for the musculao, them the same ones are produced for a soccer game, for example, and people who practise sports, even though children present minors risks of injuries when they are practising its modality of custom due to the work with weights that carry through, therefore are protected by the reinforcement of its muscle, and how much to the damages provoked in relation to the joints, excesses and lack of orientation adjusted during the trainings can be explained by.

The musculao is an activity that has the characteristic to captivate the people, and the period of adolescence is marked by important moments. Being thus, to provoke the disinterest of a child and adolescent in relation to the musculao, suddenly, it can impediz them follow a very healthful way for the body and its mind. Whichever the chosen physical activity, an active life is extremely important in the promotion of health and prevention of some illnesses of any human being! BIBLIOGRAPHY DANTAS, Estlio Enrique Martin. The practical one of the physical preparation.