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Hair Removal Laser

Laser hair removal is the ideal solution for hair removal. Many times after having used other methods of removing hair such as wax or blades, appear problems such as Folliculitis, and ingrown hairs. The solution for these cases is laser hair removal, in a safe and comfortable way manages to eliminate but especially if most of the unwanted hair. The best time to start a laser hair removal treatment is in autumn, because it is very important to not be tanning to avoid possible Burns, also must be a time elapse between sessions to give time to grow a new hair and so the laser will act better results. It is very important to choose a Center specializing in Laser hair removal and stipulating the latest laser technology, since there are different types of laser and not all act in the same way, depending on the type of skin and hair will be used a laser type or another.

Holiday Tuscany

You want to travel to Italy but don’t choose between sea, mountains and the artistic cities and want to learn Italian in Italy while you enjoy the Italian lifestyle in Italy? Then the region of Tuscany is the best for you. There you can find everything you want, the sea, the mountains and the most famous art cities such as Florence, Pisa and Lucca. Still more: the accumulation of works of art and artistic heritage in the world’s largest can be found in these cities. The region of Tuscany is also the place of birth of the Italian language. The reason for this can be summed up with one word: Dante.

Dante used the Florentine dialect in his work. This work was read with great admiration within and outside of Tuscany and used dialect was imitated more cultured people in the peninsula. Gradually the Florentine dialect was imposed as the pure and elegant dialect throughout the country. This is why Tuscany is the place better to study Italian in Italy. It is important that the school is recognized by the Italian Ministry of education.

the school is a member of ASILS (Associazione delle Scuole di Italiano come Lingua Seconda) ASILS is an Association of schools of Italian as second language, which at the same time ensures the quality of the courses offered. the Institute is recognized internationally as a training school for example by CSN (national agency of Sweden for higher education) and by the Federal Republic of Germany for the Bildungsurlaub (holiday training authorized by the Federal Republic of Germany). These recognitions are very important for schools because they guarantee the high quality of the courses offered. Prior to receiving such honors schools, courses, the training of teachers and teaching materials have been carefully reviewed by the respective authorities. the secretariat organize and book accommodations for students free of charge.