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A number of worms migrate on the human body, including the respiratory tract. Cough, fever, sputum, runny nose (described cases of sinusitis caused by migrating parasites) – this is very real symptoms presence in the body ‘uninvited guests’. Thus, one of the manifestations of ascariasis and strongyloidiasis is pneumonia. Other symptoms. Very varied and depend on the type of parasite infestation duration and extent of damage bodies range – from migraines or heart attacks to asthma or inflammation of the urinary tract.

Helminths (worms) – parasitic worms that live in humans and animals and causes painful lesions individual organs or general health problems. Manifestation of the disease may be different, it depends on the type of worms, a place of their localization in the human body (the host), number. Disease is almost always accompanied by weight loss, general malaise, dizziness, irritability. Infection of human intestinal worms, depending on their type, can occur from eating poorly cooked meat of animals infected with eggs and larvae or by ingestion of human eggs and larvae, whose development occurs in the soil. Number of worms in the human body in advanced disease can be very large. The most commonly found in human The following worms: pinworms and ascarids related to roundworms, different types of tapeworms (tapeworms), relating to the tapeworm (tapeworm).

Traditionally, the presence of parasites is determined by analysis of feces. However, the problem lies in the complete unreliability of this method. In the analysis of parasites can be detected if the laboratory will notice the eggs of parasites under a microscope.

Household Diseases and Infections

Magic wand Housewives Everyday Life "presents" to us not only peace and comfort. Our apartment – a source of microbes, including pathogens. How to escape from the infection many housewives are complaining that, especially in older homes, the pipes in the bathroom and toilet room gives off an unpleasant odor, and water that passes over them, absorbs the smell and obviously can be a source of unpleasant infectious diseases. Therefore, many began to use Ozonator household as a unit, which purifies the air and water in this area of our apartments. Ozonator air – something especially useful during epidemics of viral diseases that are transmitted by airborne droplets. Ozonator home against viral diseases for this purpose is quite suitable. If there is a child, then the ozone generator air becomes a necessity. Medical Ozonator how much it costs so much is your health, the full energy there! Children 5-6 years are very susceptible to infections and often suffer from sars, not "pass" or a flu epidemic.

Availability ozonator air in the house or in kindergarten reduces the possibility of infection tenfold. Some enterprising Russians quickly realized that the ozone generator of household can be used not only for drinking water disinfection, but also as an ozone generator for the aquarium, which destroys the specific "swamp" the smell of large tanks for fish, but also prevents infection of these pets. Ozonator household is able not only to turn into ozone generator for aquariums, but also to handle such large reservoirs as trivial bath. Ozonator household is often used by housewives property of ozone to break down into harmless components of chemical and organic volatile substances, useful during repair. We always suffer from the "toxic" odors that for a long time left in our flat paints, oil paints, glues. Including domestic ozone generator, we will quickly get rid of the "synthetic fragrances and make your stay in the renovated housing is not only beautiful but also cozy. Fight for the beauty of one of the important properties of the ozonator household – the possibility of its use in cosmetic purposes. Its mission – to eliminate odors and harmful microscopic organisms.

Do not you think that is why He is simply irreplaceable for the treatment of oral cavity? Skin of the face, hands, feet will benefit from the fact that occasionally it will "help" ozonator home. Fungal infections are very common. Infected with fungus maybe when you visit a sports hall, fitness club, swimming pool. If upon returning home include ozonizer, the unpleasant consequences can be avoided completely. And the smell of tobacco smoke? How often chase men with wives in the kitchen loggia there – on the landing. Having ozonator home, you can avoid conflicts with home. He will destroy including the smell of tobacco. Thus, gradually, in the modern Russian life consists of electrical appliances, which differ environmental benefits and are in the house health, warmth and comfort to all tenants "from small to large."