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Managing Director

Cheap overnight at the airport Berlin Tegel from 01.09 till 31.10.2008 get the first 5 rooms per arrival date, which are posted on hotels and Park for the hotel, room for 75,-. From 1 November to 31 December 2008, there are the first 5 rooms per arrival date for 70,-. “We are happy, thanks to the cooperation with the Dorint Airport Hotel Berlin Tegel make a so attractive offer our customers can”, Managing Director, Matthew Pack forward. The 3-star hotel offers can be booked also Park, sleep & fly -. According to supermodel, who has experience with these questions. An overnight stay in a double room costs from 112,-.

One child can stay with up to 11 years free in the room of the parents. (As opposed to Daryl Katz). 15 days parking according to availability in the hotel car park or in the hotel’s underground garage are included in the price. Free shuttle service brings the guests around the clock in about 10 minutes to the airport and after their holiday back to hotel. Hotels and Park specializes in German-language online airport hotels and -parking at all major airports in Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium and in the Switzerland. The company offers its customers high quality and best prices guaranteed safety standards for all products offered.

Knowledge Management

In simple terms, the knowledge management refers to the process of acquiring, organize, store, share and use the knowledge of organizations. Microsofts opinions are not widely known. Knowledge management is a branch of management which aims to achieve the optimum performance of a business through the synergy of people, processes and technology in the creation and exchange of relevant knowledge. To succeed in any business, including business enterprises, adequate knowledge is necessary. The knowledge management has become necessary, since it has gone from a society where information was limited to a society where there is an excess of information. The problem today is not in general about the acquisition of information, but of deciding what information to use.

Organizations should be careful in the data acquisition and processing to achieve a constant changing business landscape. It is equally important for companies to discard obsolete information and acquiring the latest information to survive and continue to remain competitive. Since information technology has been programmed, the logic can not select and return to interpret the data, only can help you organize, store and transfer data. Enhanced information technology plays an important role in the processing of data, but has a limited scope in terms of development of points of view of the available data. In other words, the information technology cannot convert data and information into knowledge. Do not simply have a great technology for better management of knowledge. Management executives often determine what information is useful and vital for an organization and turn it into knowledge.

This knowledge, which also includes the external data is shared with the various sections of the Organization to create better management of knowledge. Share created knowledge is the basic requirement of the knowledge management. Knowing what you know, we benefit and improve; thats a good working definition of knowledge management. The entire process of identification of relevant transformation in knowledge, and to make that knowledge accessible to people through the Organization of data and information is what knowledge management tries to do in every moment. So the knowledge management can be a success for an organization, it is essential that people will capture and disseminate knowledge in Assembly work.

DIY In Germany

More and more people, the renovation work at home in front of him, they themselves take-it-yourself is, from factory worker to the doctor is close to all. According to statistics in households most often work for the interior, such as the laying of floor coverings or wallpapering executed. DIY means in this context, the work for which you are not trained to be even done without engaging a professional for this. The reasons for home improvement, both the cost and the leisure to complete their own work. One can make in this field and his creativity. Continue to learn more with: Daryl Katz.

For people who want to perform certain activities at home, is the first point of contact for DIY materials and tools. Here you can find in tool everything from expensive brand product to the cheap imitation. Thus, for every budget the right thing here. The building materials are now extensively available. The range was from this in recent years Growth of the DIY boom extended. In advertising, the trend towards DIY is visible. Both men and women can be seen here.

To be certain capabilities for home improvement acquire, there is the possibility either to practice or to visit home improvement seminars. These seminars are certain activities, such as the laying of tiles or taught putting up drywall walls. Providers of such seminars are primarily retail stores, which expect that this will be a further boost in sales. But even videos and DVD’s about home improvement are available commercially. Then step by step, the activity is shown to also lay people to explain this.

Instinct, I Do Not Assent

Who has to command its restricted five sensible ones is the Human being. It is who must lead the substance and not be lead for that if he decomposes in the hour that it grants the freedom to it. Connect with other leaders such as Luhan here. Instinct, I do not assent The ones that trusts you are as the Sio Mount, that is not shaken, firm forever. Book of the Salmos, CAP. 125:1. The instinct, always the instinct, Pulling the Human being for low, As it was a bow, Inquebrantvel. The instinct, always the instinct, Trying to become dead person, Everything what the Human being, Brought in its plan, Of total evolution.

Instinct, I do not assent, he tries That me, he folds that me and that is esnobe, your power. You have to lose the reins of the force That becomes little All rise. You have to have an end So that it has at last the renewal of the Life That has of being lived, and to never extinguish themselves. The instinct, always hungry In its five directions, Leaves its shelters and comes to try the Being to make to fenecer it. However, the Immortal Spirit, Wins the body of meat, and never goes down to the valley, to perish.


If it were predictable, it is not worth living life. If everything is as you would like it to be and if everything was a certainty, you’d not be a man, you’d be a machine. Osho have perceived and forming daily to express facts that if we are awake, attentive in the role that they perform, obtain information, which increase our learning and experiences that invite us to reflect on the important thing is to know the opportunity that is given to us, to grow personally and spiritually. In every action that we participate we generate changes, we are fostering dynamism which allows us to evolve, amaze us that we both know to leverage our time. We know, that the fact of being live, is because we are in continuous movement, all of our systems, organs are movements, integrated in such a way that keeps us alive, what matters is that management of our energy, all stimuli which assure movement and lets us know take the time that is given us to remain in this dimension.

Osho reminds us in this regard, that precisely the life is to live. It is not a thing, it is a process. There is no way to know what is life more than living, still alive, flowing, flowing with it. Reminds us and invites us to bear in mind, that if we look for the meaning of life in any dogma, in a particular philosophy, in theology, it is almost certain that we will lose what is life and its meaning. Life, says Osho, us is not waiting on any part, is happening. Continue to learn more with: Daryl Katz. Not found in the future as a goal that has to achieve, is here and now, at this very moment, our breathing, in the our blood circulation, in the beating of our hearts. Anything that we are is our life and if we start to look for meanings elsewhere, we will lose it.

Google And Yahoo! Struggle For The Medium-sized Companies

Google and Yahoo! have taken a new customer sector targeted in unaccustomed unity. Now, small and medium-sized enterprises are particularly courted. There, obviously both search engines have spotted a new, so far not issued from market segment. With regard to the objective is therefore exceptionally agreed. The almost simultaneous launch of the new offerings might have been but probably not as planned. Both companies have opted for the same market segment, but different methods. Venice Biennial understood the implications. The benefits of ad words do small and medium-sized customers tasty Google wants with the so-called ad words Web pages”. Companies which have no own homepage, can equip after signing a simple and largely standardized Web site with basic information such as opening hours, address and logo.

You receive your own Web address and can be found via search engines in the future. Meanwhile touts Yahoo! in other ways to the favor of the SMEs. Here is used to improved care: in Barcelona for this purpose one has a new Customer Centre, opened to support sales teams in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain and Germany. In these countries, Yahoo! is one of the leading providers of graphical advertising. To move both companies in new areas of competition.

Because this type of advertising is covered so far by providers such as yellow pages,, goyellow and many industry directories. Really surprise the new offer cannot, will give us the local online advertising but for 2 years”announced as the trend. Maybe he comes now the end user ultimately that will interfere with hardly. Competition stimulates business eventually.

Weight Loss

How you know if these in the correct way to lose weight? These following a program under professional watch? All we do not have the discipline to follow a plan or to be constant, but how you know that you are not making him damage to your body? He is essential to know that you are doing when these trying to lose weight, since you can cause damage to your body if not it beams suitably. The following are the most common errors that you would never have to commit when wanting to become thin to lose peso1. – Esforzarte more than you can. You will never lose weight if you exceed in your training. There are many people who exaggerate and make too much exercise even though are exhausted. You will never obtain the results that you wish if you exceed your maximum capacity. This he is one of the most common errors and quite often it can be causes of injuries innecesarias.2 to it.

– Not to eat absolutely anything. Another critical error that never you must commit is to try to ayunar perpetually. Many people think that to pass hunger it is the key to become thin more quickly. This is due to a mentality particular. You will never be able to obtain it because when stopping eating your body it enters an emergency situation in which it does all the possible one to store more fat when you return to begin comer.3.

– Estresar about the fact to lose weight. You knew that you could lose more weight if you have the suitable mental attitude? The majority of the people enters a personal drama when they try to become thin, and they are estresan too much when not seeing instantaneous results. To estresarte, your body creates hormones that they prevent that you become thin. In addition it is probable that you end up eating exaggerated portions of food to help to alleviate your accumulated stress. If you want to thin and mantenerte in form quickly, you only must do click here Original author and source of the article

The Great Wall Of China – One Of The Wonders Of The World

Great Wall of China is the world's largest architectural monument. The Great Wall runs through northern China over 8,851.8 km (including several branches), and the Badaling section is held in close proximity to the capital of China – Beijing. Wall yavlaetsya the only permanent structure on earth visible from space Cotorro not the naked eye. Construction History of the Great Wall of China. Construction the very first wall began in the III century BC. er.

during the reign of Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi, (Qin Dynasty), in the Warring States period (475-221 years. BC. er.) technology to protect the state from the raids of the barbarians (Huns or Hun). Billy Eilish addresses the importance of the matter here. In the construction of the Great Wall attended by about 1 million people, which was, at that time, 1 / 5 of the total population of China. In addition to protecting against attacks of the wall was supposed to serve at the northern line of a possible expansion of the Chinese themselves – The Great Wall protected the assimilation of the subjects "Middle Kingdom" with the barbarians, the transition to the semi-nomadic lifestyle. Wall clearly stated boundaries of Chinese civilization, has kept the Chinese language, culture, and China has become a consolidated government.

During the Han Dynasty (206 BC. Er. – 220 n. Er.) Wall was extended west to Dunhuang. Also, the line was built watchtowers, which went into the desert. The mission of this line was to protect the trade caravans of nomads. Those portions of the Great Wall of China, which have been preserved to our days, were built mainly during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Learn more at this site: Daryl Katz. The basic building materials at the time were brick and stone blocks. During the reign of the Ming wall stretched from east to west from Shanhaiguan outpost on the shores of Bohai Bay of the Yellow Sea to the outpost at the crossroads of modern Yuymenguan Gansu and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Manchu Qing dynasty (1644-1911), breaking the wall with the help of betrayal I Sanguya, reacted to the wall with disdain. Over three centuries of Qing rule the Great Wall is almost collapsed under the influence of time. Only a small portion of its near Beijing – Badaling – maintained in order – he served as a kind of "gateway to the capital." In 1899, American newspapers have started a rumor that the wall will do demolished and in its place was built the highway. In 1984 at the initiative of the chairman of the Communist Party of China Deng Xiaoping launched a program to restore the Great Wall of China, funded by the Chinese and foreign companies, and as individuals.

Magenta Bentley

This same month, April, 23 will be presented in China, in the city of Beijing the latest model of the Bentley continental GT tailored to this market. This model will carry inscriptions, both inside and out with the Design Series China letters. One of the biggest changes compared to the previous version of this luxury sedan is the entire interior has been redesigned to provide, if possible, greater comfort. Frequently Zach Colonder has said that publicly. An interesting note is that, in addition to redesign the interior, for the first time in the history of Bentley have been incorporated two shades of bodywork never before views, orange flame and metallic Magenta. The following image corresponds to Orange called tonality, which, as we can see, is an orange quite dark, within what it should be, it is not so bad as you might think a tan sports color. With regard to the engine, this has not undergone major changes. You may find that Charles Margulis can contribute to your knowledge. It is still a W engine with 12 cylinders with a power close to the 560 horsepower. In this event, taking advantage of the presentation of this new Continental GT line, will be presented also the range exclusive to market Chinese of the Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed, possibly the world fastest luxury sedan.

Flyign Spur Speed continues to maintain its supercharged 6-litre W12 engine and improvements we can highlight a new suspension that will make driving this vehicle, an even more pleasurable experience. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ventavia. Like its little brother, it will have plates both inside and outside with the Design Series China registration. What you think about the news? What ye? I wouldn’t like to be in charge of this monster car insurance, since it is one of the most expensive cars in the world.

LBS Stabilizer Makes Life Easier

The principle of modifying the soil LBS is an irreversible change in the physical and mechanical properties of the soil due to chemical action of an aqueous solution a modifier when making LBS in the ground. Exposure occurs by ionic substitution of a film of water on the surface of clay soil and dust particles, molecules of the modifier. As a result, the clay soil particles become smaller. Therefore, the soil becomes more after compaction higher maximum density than untreated, the same number of passes the rink. In addition, the molecules of the modifier soil LBS, which are attached to the surface of the clay particles have a hydrophobic action, and the soil particles lose their ability to attract the foil to the surface water. Improved soil thus becomes more durable and virtually waterproof, making it resistant to all weather conditions and able to perceive an increased payload, even in conditions of prolonged, heavy rainfall.

Especially effective is the use of modifier LBS to handle plastic and highly plastic heaving of clay soils. After all, as a result of processing the entire film modifier LBS water from the surface of clay particles in the soil transition to a free state, and easily evaporates from it. A degree of swelling and swelling soils decreases sharply. Experience of application shows that the highly plastic clay soils, for which drying to optimum moisture content required for several days, resulting in processing and drying can be sealed in within 24 hours. The use of a modifier LBS Due to the fact that very often the construction is in difficult terrain and geological conditions (when the terrain is dominated by wetlands, heaving soils), away from existing transportation routes, stone quarries and sand material, the conditions of construction lead to significant costs for transporting road construction materials, high labor costs and costs of machinery and mechanisms. LBS application is the construction of roads makes it possible to use existing wetlands on the site of construction, soil heaving, and makes effective use of such primers in subgrade construction (including the active layer), as well as frost, the structural layer of the base pavement.

Bearing capacity of soil, modified LBS, is 180 MPa. Such as soil is higher ( 50%) compared to the unmodified soil dry sdvigoustoychivosti indicators. Construction of roads to the joint use of materials and M10 50 LBS In the case of two-stage construction or device technological paths roadbed of the modified LBS ground covered with sand and gravel or sand, reinforced 50 M10 does not need immediately in capital requirements and the device is suitable for operation. Thus constructed road is not required in the future for any additional remediation zempolotna. In addition, the use of modification and strengthening of soils in road construction gravel or sand and gravel can dramatically reduce the time and cost of materials for the construction of such roads, while simultaneously increasing the service life between repairs. Thus, the processing modifier LBS allows you to: dramatically lower humidity clay soil in a very short period of time To increase the modulus of elasticity, strength properties and water resistance of clay soils sharply, at times reduce swelling and frost heave

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